Ted Harris of Albuquerque Encourages Student Involvement

At the age of 25, Ted Harris of Albuquerque has already experienced many successes in his career. While his hard work and experiences have helped him propel professional success, Ted Harris of Albuquerque credits many of his achievements to his campus involvement in college. Graduating from Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, IL, Ted Harris of Albuquerque enjoyed the benefits of being a highly involved student on top of his academic workload.

“Being involved during college gives you the opportunity to experience a taste of real world workflow processes,” says Ted Harris of Albuquerque, encouraging young adults. Indeed, from working with a budget of nearly half a million dollars as the Vice President of Finances on the Student Government Association to being involved with the ATO fraternity, Ted Harris of Albuquerque experienced many opportunities that shaped his personality and professional skills.

According to Ted Harris of Albuquerque, benefits of student involvement include:

  • Becoming a member of the student community. “You make a lot of lifelong friends and create a support system that will help you accomplish your career goals,” says Ted Harris of Albuquerque. “I’ve been able to enjoy the success I’ve had in the government sector and in human resources because of this encouragement.”
  • Opportunities for mentorship. According to Ted Harris of Albuquerque, being involved also brings you closer to your professors, which can create opportunities for mentorship and more personalized learning. Of course, the more you can learn from a professional in your field, the more prepared you’ll be for a career as a young professional.

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