Why Ted Harris of Albuquerque is Passionate about Human Resources

Though he’s spent much of his young career working for the city government in various capacities, Ted Harris of Albuquerque is most passionate about a career in human resources. “It’s important to recognize and appreciate our workforce,” says Ted Harris of Albuquerque. By continuing to grow his career as a human resources professional, Ted Harris of Albuquerque hopes that he can help strengthen a business and help it grow by maximizing the talents and production of its workforce.

At the age of 25, Ted Harris of Albuquerque has worked for the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department, Information Services, and the Legal Department. Aside from these positions, Ted Harris of Albuquerque also worked during his undergraduate years at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, IL. All of these experiences have given Ted Harris of Albuquerque a passion for helping others excel in the workplace and realize their full potential.

As Ted Harris of Albuquerque continues growing his career, his passion for it deepens as well. Working in a wide variety of positions has allowed Ted Harris of Albuquerque to see the diversity, demographics, and various skills that define any given workforce. As a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, Ted Harris of Albuquerque looks forward to staying abreast of the latest news, practices, and research in his profession. Furthermore, he looks forward to the networking and mentorship opportunities that the professional association has to offer.

Ted Harris of Albuquerque currently works as a Market Researcher, where he researches, presents, and consults with clients about distribution channels in the city.

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